PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0476 (P4)
Microclimatic monitoring assessment of internal and external impacts, assessment of sustainability and environmental impact on patrimony materials

Projects objectives

      The project's specific objectives are:
  1. Creating new jobs at the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Science and Technology (ICSTM)- new research infrastructure (POS-CCE project, finalized in December 2015), which can hire young researchers (the main objective of the POS-CCE project - ICSTM construction - as well as the employment and training of young researchers in specific, multidisciplinary fields);
  2. Providing new research services alongside those already existing through the ERRIS platform;
  3. Initiating and developing viable collaborations with competent authorities in the field of environmental protection along with cultural and museum protection;
  4. Expanding knowledge in the field of cultural heritage through a multidisciplinary approach;
  5. Increasing the visibility of consortium organizations abroad. The novelties of the project are:
    1. providing new services by conducting impact studies;
    2. risk studies on defined heritage objectives;
    3. making an atlas with synoptic maps (unique in Romania);
    4. the validation of physicochemical methods and the development of a good practice guide;
    5. research services conducted using the research infrastructure available in UVT;
    6. sharing consortium resources and capitalizing the resulted synergy of co-operation by providing a joint scientific and technological services, presented on thematic platforms.